About Reckless

Reckless is a free-to-play online multiplayer game featuring brutal skill-based real-time PvP gladiator battles. Throw axes and slice the limbs off of your opponents. Run, dodge, dash and pick up your lost limbs from the ground to recover. Build your gladiator and dominate the battlefield to earn epic rewards powered by Tezos. Play short and intense battles, participate in grand tournaments, or invade other arenas and kill everyone by unleashing a whirlwind of deadly axes.

  • 0% pay-to-win.
  • 100% fun-to-play.
  • 200% skill-to-win.
  • 300% badass.
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2021 Q1 - Q3:

Gameplay Development


2021 Q3:

NFT contract development, integration, testing

2021 Q4 - 2022 Q2

NFT drawings for the initial collection

Building a website

Open beta game release

Play To Earn TEZ Alpha

2022 Q3

Play To Earn TEZ Beta

Android Mobile Release

2022 Q4



Community Growth

In-Game Events

New Arenas

2023 Q1

NFT Launch

2023 Q2 and onwards

New Game Modes

New Game Mechanics

New In-Game Items

10 000 $ Esports Tournament

Cross Chain Integration


Our Team

We are Higher Order Games and our passion is video games and blockchain technology.

Mircea-Andrei Radu
CEO & Co-founder

Ivan Tsoninski
CEO & Co-founder